We are building resilient process automations that adapt to change. Powered by AI, we enable operations teams to automate any process across any app.

Aloma is based on our combined 20 years experience applying AI to automation and integration from working together at a pioneer in General AI and automation backed by KKR.

Most operations leaders are challenged today to automate workflows due to the sheer number of apps their teams are using. Automating a process now means building and maintaining a web of complex integrations that need updating every time a new app is introduced or business conditions change. 

Aloma simplifies this by capturing business logic and generating a new automation in real time for each workflow task received. This automation is based on the current process logic and automatically adapts integration to ensure automation success. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to allow a business leader to independently manage a fully automated operation. We are leveraging AI to generate automatons based on business processes that can adapt to change and new apps. Drastically reducing the total cost of automation will enable teams to fully automate their operations.

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We look forward to helping your team accelerate your automations with Aloma today! - Patrick Williamson, Founder

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