Automate any process across any app

Powered by AI, Aloma enables operations teams to automate any process across any app with 80% less effort using AI.

Aloma simplieifes automation by creating a single integration point for apps and managing these to dynamically automate workflows in real time. This significantly cuts the cost and effort to build and maintain automations and integrations.


Quickly scale operations with Aloma

Replace what is now a complex web of integrations with Aloma's adaptive automation

Effortless Integration

Aloma is the single point of integration for automation. Send data or a task to Aloma as-is (no special formatting), and Aloma then generates the automation to execute.

Business and integration logic is all maintained in Aloma - not in the integration, making it easier to maintain and combined to generate automations in real time.

Our integration tooling is designed to make connecting apps and automating workflows quick and easy and works with APIs, Webhooks, bots, excel files and other formats.

<span>Effortless Integration</span>

Resilient Automations

Aloma automations comply with business processes and support very complex logic - including the ability to fetch missing data if required.

As they are generated in real time, Aloma can self-correct automation for errors and exceptions. This means less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

With Aloma define precisely how your operations are automated, from simple data mapping for integrations to complex workflows spanning multiple apps with multiple steps and paths.

<span>Resilient Automations</span>

Adapt to change with ease

Maintaining workflow automations is a snap with Aloma.

As each automation is generated in real time, there is no library of pre-coded workflows to test, search and identify where to apply an update so they don't all break at once.

With Aloma, workflow logic is centrally managed - only a single update or addition is required and it is then picked up automatically as each automation is generated.

<span>Adapt to change with ease</span>

"With Aloma we automated our operations quickly and easily with Aloma. We integrated 7 applications in a fraction of the time it would have taken to code - our data is now always automatically synchronised with the right data in the right format in the right place. "

Dominic Cassidy

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We look forward to helping your team accelerate your automations with Aloma today! - Patrick Williamson, Founder

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