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Aloma provides finance professionals with the ultimate automation tool. Reconciliation, consolidation and commissions calculations are all easily automated with Aloma. Integrations and logic once built can be leveraged across the company with minimal effort to meet the specific needs of each business unit.

Aloma, with it's ability to generate automations in real time and automatically adapt to the specific needs of each job, is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding Finance professionals.

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Automating core finance processes.

These are examples of use cases that have been automated with Aloma. Each solution is general and usable throughout each company.

Reconciliation and Consolidation

A customer uses multiple ERP systems across 17 companies. A team of accountants spend 20 hours reconciling inter-company transactions every month using Excel.

Aloma's reconciliation solution takes data from each ERP, sorts transactions by company and identifies any missing entries. These are then reviewed manually before being processed in the ERP systems per company policy.

reconciliation consolidation

Commissions Calculation

The company calculates commissions in Excel based on sales orders and payments received at the end of each month, which is the only time the sales team has visibility into their income. Processing took two days given the need to account for multiple different payment plans.

Aloma integrated with the ERP and CRM systems, calculated the commissions automatically and communicated them directly to the sales team. Sales management now uses Aloma to create a real time dashboard for the sales team to track commission progress.

commissions calculation

Invoice Processing

The company manually generated SOW and invoices for each sales for sale closed in their CRM on a daily basis. Given the variability between customer SOW, no easy automation solutions existed and this job fell on the accounting team.

Aloma integrated with the CRM and accounting systems and was able to generate custom SOW for each customer, automating the entire process.

invoice processing

Scale revenue growth

Sales and Delivery Automation.

RevOps automations

RevOps struggle to collect and action data from the dozens of apps they use. With Aloma, it is simple to connect disparate apps and build custom integrations and automation jobs that are not supported by any other tools.

Product Integrations

Customers are asking app companies to build custom integrations for them as they don't have the capacity to do so themselves. With Aloma, standard integrations are built to connect with common customer systems and quickly customized to meet each customer's unique requirements.

SaaS seat rationalization

Companies are buying seats in multiple apps for employees to access data manually as they have no integrations to extract data automatically. Aloma makes it easy to integrate apps and keeps data syncornized across them in real time. Companies now only buy the minimal number of seats, saving significant costs.

Image of Sales and Delivery Automation
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